Monday, January 09, 2012

New Semester, New Course

The Winter 2012 semester officially launches today, and this week will mark the first class of a new course that I've just recently designed called "Mediating the Social: Social Networks and Technologies," which I'll be teaching in the Book and Media Studies undergraduate program at the University of St.Michael's College, University of Toronto. As per usual, I'll be maintaining a blog for the course, which can be found here, and publishing most of the course materials online (primarily for the students, but also for those of you who want to follow along at home). The syllabus will be available on the course blog shortly, along with links and details about course assignments, etc. I'm super excited to start the course on Thursday - I haven't taught undergrads in awhile, and have been missing the unique energy and optimism generated by 3rd and 4th year classrooms in particular.

I'm also teaching my information workshop on children's digital games again this semester, which you can find additional details about here (on its course blog, to be updated over the next two days). This workshop is a ton of fun, and I'm super keen to see what kinds of games and playlists the groups will come up with this time around.

See (some of) you in class!