Friday, December 07, 2012

Of Ponycorns and Empowerment

While everyone (at least everyone around here) is uber-busy with end of semester assignments, grading, various deadlines and semester wrap-up, I figured now is a great time to post about the absolutely fantastic TEDxToronto talk my pal Ryan Henson Creighton (Untold Entertainment) gave a couple of months ago. As you may remember from previous posts (or from the massive press coverage it attracted back in 2011), Ryan co-created an amazingly charming and all-around awesome digital game with his 5 year old daughter, Cassie, at TO Jam a couple of years ago. Ryan is quickly becoming a key spokesperson for teaching kids to engage with technology at a deeper level - leading Scratch workshops, promoting DIY game design and now, giving this amazing talk about kids, tech and empowerment. So - busy or not - take 10 to chill out and watch him and Cassie give a highly engaging, highly insightful, presentation on the power of kids' DIY game design: