Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Heading to TASP 2011!!

This week, I'm heading to The Association for the Study of Play (TASP)'s Annual Conference, which is being held at the Strong National Museum of Play in Rochester (NY). I'm going to present a paper I've been working on, entitled "Digitizing the Bedroom: Children’s Domestic Gaming as Consumption, Production, Subversion and Play," which draws on findings and conclusions described in my dissertation, as well as from some of the new research I've been conducting this past year on UGC Games. I'm going to be presenting a different (more theoretically focused) version of this same paper at CCA next month, and I'm really looking forward to testing it out in these two very different venues/audiences. I'm also really curious to see what kind of feedback I'll get from each :)

Updated May 5, 2011: And here's the Prezi:

Monday, April 18, 2011

From e-Books to Immersive Story Worlds

Last Friday, I gave a presentation at the Toronto Public Library as part of a training day for children's librarians and service providers. It was a wonderful experience - presenting to such an engaged audience always is - and I got a load of great questions at the end. I left the event feeling inspired and very optimistic about future initiatives and possible collaborations in providing an informed, critical but also child-focused voice in the emerging (and complex) area of digital literature/storytelling. I also ran into some of my new favourite people in TO, which was wonderful :)

Here's a copy of the presentation:

Friday, April 08, 2011

Postdoc Opp in Childhood Studies

©2011 Centre for Children & Young People
Via the "Exploring Childhood Studies" mailing list, info about a new postdoc opportunity at the Centre for Children & Young People in Australia. From the university website, it looks like applications are due May 6th, so anyone interested in applying had better get cracking. Here's the announcement in full:

The Centre for Children & Young People (CCYP) at Southern Cross University, Lismore, Australia is currently welcoming enquiries from highly motivated and appropriately qualified researchers wishing to apply for a Postdoctoral Fellowship. The CCYP is well known for its interdisciplinary research interests linked to Childhood Studies.
For more information on this Postdoctoral Fellowship opportunity please contact Professor Anne Graham at: anne.graham@scu.edu.au and visit: http://www.scu.edu.au/research/index.php/82/

Monday, April 04, 2011

Sprockets 2011 Starts Tomorrow!

©2011 TIFF Sprockets
For those of you in the Toronto area, be sure to check out Sprockets, The Toronto International Film Festival for Children and Youth, which starts tomorrow (April 5th) and runs until April 17th. In addition to an impressive roster of films for and/or about children and teens, from Canada and around the world, as well school days for elementary and high school students, the event includes two public weekends. The public weekends are open to the general public, feature a number of films, hands-on activities and special guests. Here's a brief description from the official website:
An enriching experience that is much more than just a day at the movies, Sprockets includes two public weekends for ages three and up and a two week long School Programme for students in elementary and secondary schools. Featuring the best of Canadian and international cinema for children and youth, Sprockets offers a compelling selection of features and shorts on diverse subjects in a variety of genres and styles. It provides a rare opportunity to watch films that kids around the world are lining up to see and that in many cases may not be available again in Toronto.
The festival also includes a number of events geared toward the industry, including a day of panels on contemporary issues in children's media production. I'll be participating as a speaker on a panel examining Transmedia Entertainment, which I'm very much looking forward to.

Just to add to the awesomeness, this year's festival takes place at the TIFF Bell Lightbox, where the Tim Burton exhibit is still going strong until April 17th.

See you there!