Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Keynoting at SBGames next month!!!

©2010 Warner Bros., Lego Harry Potter: Years 1-4 promo still

I am so excited and honoured to announce that I will be the Keynote Speaker of SBGames Culture track at next month's SBGames Conference. The conference will take place in São Paulo, Brazil, from October 16th-18th. According to the conference organizers, SBGames is the most important academic games events in Brazil, drawing together academic researchers, game developers and game design students. In addition to the Games and Culture track (the one I'm speaking in), the event also features tracks of talks and activities related to Computer Science, Arts, and Design and Industry.

Here's the title abstract of my keynote presentation (prezi slides to follow):

So Many Ways to Play”: Branded Worlds, Toy Tie-Ins, and the Rise of Transmedia in Children’s Digital Games 
Children’s games provide a unique site of inquiry for thinking about the role of transmedia in digital games—not only for the complex questions they raise about the commercialization of children’s culture and the impact of transmedia on game design and content, but also in terms of the deep and complex levels of engagement that transmedia texts and toys can inspire among the children who play with them. Through an overview of transmedia studies, its core theories, history and emerging trends, this paper will explore both the key challenges and the potential opportunities associated with the rise of cross-media intertextuality in children’s games.

I'm really looking forward to the conference and to visiting Brazil for the first time. And if we cross paths at at the conference, be sure to say hi!