Thursday, November 23, 2006

Top Ten Most Wanted

Christmas toys (among US kids) that is! The new stats on what kids (allegedly) want this Christmas are now out, courtesy of The National Retail Federation. Note: they do not specify age range, which might explain some of the inconsistencies. For the most part, girls' and boys' choices continue to divide on traditionally gendered 'pink vs. blue' lines, but I found a couple of nice surprises on the girls' list, including Nintendo DS and Playstation 3. Way to go gamer girls! Here are the lists in full:

Top Toys for Girls, 2006
1. Barbie
2. Dolls (generic)
3. Bratz
4. TMX Elmo (Tickle-Me Extreme Elmo - here we go again?)
5. Dora the Explorer
6. Disney Princess
7. Ipod/MP3 Players
8. Nintendo DS
9. PlayStation 3

10. The Little Mermaid (DVD? Toys? They don't specify)

Top Toys for Boys, 2006
1. TMX Elmo (Tickle-Me Extreme Elmo)
2. Cars (generic)
3. PlayStation 3
4. Video games

5. Legos
6. Nintendo DS
7. Hot Wheels
8. XBOX 360
9. Remote Controlled Cars
10. Trucks

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