Tuesday, April 10, 2007

"Webby Nominated" Websites and Games

The nominees for the 11th Annual Webby Awards were announced today, giving us a listing of the best sites of the year (or at least "best out of sites that could afford to pay to enter", as YPulse author anastasia puts it). Here's an overview of the youth and games (and games-related!) categories:

YOUTH Nominees
Curious George (by WGBH Interactive)
Escape from Diab (by Archimage, Inc.)
Larklight, by Philip Reeve (by Bloomsbury Publishing Plc)
Nick.com (by MTV Networks)
OwnYourC (by AgencyNet) (**This one's a fantastic anti-smoking site that's really worth checking out**)

GAMES Nominees
American Dad vs. Family Guy Kung Fu (by Fuel Industries)
Miniclip (by Miniclip Ltd)
Samorost2 (by Amanita Design)
SOAPnet's Fantasy Soap League (by SOAPnet)
ZWoK! (by Bloc)

Gamasutra.com (by CMP Game Group)
GameDaily.com (by AOL)
GameSpot (by CNET Networks)
LEGO Star Wars II (by Summit Projects)
Thrillville (by KNI)

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