Wednesday, August 22, 2007

New issue of Games and Culture Journal

Issue 3, volume 2, of Games and Culture journal is finally out and available through subscription/library access. Here's a run down of the table to contents:
Bart Simon -- "Geek Chic: Machine Aesthetics, Digital Gaming, and the Cultural Politics of the Case Mod."

Maaike Lauwaert -- "Challenge Everything?: Construction Play in Will Wright's SIMCITY."

Kevin Schut -- "Strategic Simulations and Our Past: The Bias of Computer Games in the Presentation of History."

Gordon Calleja -- "Digital Game Involvement: A Conceptual Model."

Celia Pearce, Tracy Fullerton, Janine Fron, and Jacquelyn Ford Morie -- "Sustainable Play: Toward a New Games Movement for the Digital Age."

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