Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Going to Toronto!!!

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I realized today that I've let some pretty important, as in life changing levels of important, events slip by without writing a single blog post about them! I blame Twitter and Facebook, where status updates provide the instant gratification of social interaction, in the form of immediate response/dialogue with friends and colleagues. But that's no excuse for failing to make an official announcement, so here goes:

First, I successfully defended my dissertation on May 3rd, and am now a doctor of philosophy. I might write something more about the final stages of that experience someday, but for now you can check out my defense Prezi. I've also posted my abstract and chapter outline on a separate page of Gamine Expedition. I should have some news about downloadable copies or at least some idea of possible (fingers crossed) publication opps by the end of the summer, so stay tuned for that. In the meantime, if you're interested in reading the version submitted to the SFU library, just drop me a line!

Second, as of July 2010, I will be joining the Faculty of Information at the University of Toronto at the rank of Assistant Professor, where I'm going to be researching and teaching in children's new media and literature. I am beyond thrilled and eager to become a part of the iSchool and its friendly, collegial and dynamic faculty; to contribute to the amazing, critical and important work that goes on there; to further develop my research interests in narrative and children's lit; to work with graduate students and foster linkages with children's libraries/librarians; and of course to experience everything that Toronto and UofT have to offer.

I'm particularly excited about all the opportunities for collaboration that this move will afford - both within the iSchool faculty and the larger (very impressive) academic community that I will now have access (and proximity) to, as well as in terms of all the children's media outlets and professionals located in and around T.O. (and Montreal, NYC, etc. etc.).

I'll have new contact info coming soon, which I'll post here and on all the appropriate sites/networks. Until then - YAY!!!!!

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