Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Ready for the (Mockingjay) Revolution

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A short follow up to my previous post on dystopian YA fiction from a couple of weeks ago, to note the release of the third installment of Suzanne Collins' Hunger Games trilogy, Mockingjay, last night at midnight. While not as massively popular as "mega"-series like Harry Potter and Twilight (a comparison that will likely make any fan groan, as it's made way too often in discussions of the series), I have noticed that the hype around this series - and this title in particular - has gone from persistent hum to a fairly descent buzz, with most of the high profile kids/youth media sites covering the release, attending launch parties and generally paying attention. Small release parties appear to have been held all over N. America, and Suzanne Collins herself attended the midnight "madness" release party in NYC, at Books of Wonder, which was covered by MTV (no less). You can watch her reading the first chapter here.

A quick tour around the kids/YA lit blogs will confirm just how popular and highly anticipated this particular book is (I'll start you off: go here, here and here). Of course a movie is in the works, and I'm sure we'll be seeing some "interesting" videogame adaptations before too long (the story revolves around a game after all...seems like a total no-brainer. i know that videogames based on other media don't always turn out that well, but there are also some pretty awesome exceptions... American McGee's Alice, Tale of Tales' The Path, Lego Star Wars...). But for now, be sure to check out all the unsanctioned and unofficial fanfare around the series and its characters, from fashion to fan art, and everything in between.

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Chuk said...

My kids love these books (well, my tween/teen daughters do, my 17 year old son didn't). They even asked me to run an RPG set in the same world and they never do that.

I do wonder how they'll make it into a movie that's not rated R for frequent gory violence, though.