Monday, June 27, 2011

Slides from TEDxLibrarians TO

As promised, here are the slides from my talk this past weekend at TEDxLibrariansTO. I'll post the video link if/when it becomes available. And if for some reason there's no video, I can post a transcript of the talk itself...especially since the slides alone aren't all that informative about the actual contents of the talk, just the subject matter and examples used.

The talk touched upon two key themes:

  • games as stories and forums for storytelling (don't worry...not all games, just the ones with narrative dimensions), and 
  • how librarians are in a perfect position to become thought leaders (or crusaders, or provokers) in the collection, protection, support and management of digital games (in kids' culture, in public spaces, in non-commercially controlled spaces, in anti-censorship discussions, etc. etc.).


Joe Clark said...

“Document deleted by owner.”

Sara M. Grimes said...

Thanks for the heads up - It should work now.