Thursday, September 15, 2011

Back to School: 2011-2012

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The end of summer/start of fall is always a really crazy time for us university types. Summer projects (and courses) need to be wrapped up, new courses launched, new students welcomed, pre-existing students/contacts/research partners reconnected with, committees to work on and meetings to attend, emails and websites to write...not to mention all the fun stuff going on in Toronto this time of year (ahem, TIFF). I've fallen behind on just about everything - this blog, my writing, my research, my sleep - but am nonetheless feeling very much caught up in the giddy excitement that's permeating the campus right now. I love this time of year - the new school year and the change of seasons both inspire this great, tangible sense of hope and possibility, of newness. This is one of the most amazing dimensions of having never really "left" school - that September is still very much a marked, noticeable transition point, a new year we get to celebrate before everyone else, a partial reset button.

We had our first week of classes this week, and I just wrapped up the second first lecture of the two courses I'm teaching this term. Both are courses I've taught before, and both are filled with the familiar faces of students from my previous courses, which is really just too unbelievably fun. I think that this is going to be a stellar semester in both courses, and look forward to getting to know these new groups, their interests, projects, etc. I'm still in the process of updated the course blogs, but if you check them out sometime over the next little while, you can see what we're up to this semester:

Children's Cultural Texts & Artifacts:

Research Methods:

And to any new students who have just recently stumbled upon this blog: welcome!!!

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