Saturday, October 15, 2011

This Week: Arthur Slade talks "From Hobbits to HTML" at Lillian H. Smith

"Hobbit Hole" ©2009-2011 ~Legacy0 on devianArt

I've posted this already on the Children's Cultural Texts & Artifacts blog, but wanted to be sure that word got out to a broader audience, as this event promises to be a really compelling one. Arthur Slade, Saskatoon YA author and Governor General Award winner, will be speaking at the Lillian H. Smith branch (TPL) this Thursday (Oct. 20, 8pm), on the future of YA/children's publishing and his own - pretty innovative - move to ebooks. Here's an excerpt from the TPL announcement:

The 24th annual Helen E. Stubbs Memorial Lecture
Arthur Slade: "From Hobbits to HTML" 
Art Slade is one of Canada's most versatile authors, whose award-winning work ranges from realistic historical fiction about the Great War through steampunk, graphic novels and fantasy adventures. As a young reader, Art was influenced by the works of J.R.R. Tolkien and Ray Bradbury. Now an established author, he explores becoming his own publisher through ebooks. Is this the future of children's writers?
There's also Facebook page for the event. As for finding out more about the author, he's all over the interwebs: there's an official Arthur Slade's website, sites for the various different books/series, and Slade's livejournal blog Writing for Young AdultsAnd if you haven't had a chance to read any of Slade's work yet, the books themselves are available in every format imaginable (including iBook, Kindle, etc.), are magnificently affordable, and you can even find free sample chapters online. I just downloaded the first of his Northern Frights series, Draugr, which has the creepiest first line ever ("Grandpa was going to murder us"), a perfect fit for these dark and stormy October nights.

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