Monday, November 21, 2011

Gamercamp Lv3 Starts this Friday!!!!

The big "do not miss" event in town this weekend is Gamercamp Lv3, which runs from Nov. 25-27, features a plethora of awesome games, events and speakers, and showcases the pure awesomeness that is the Toronto indie game scene. Co-founded by Mark Rabo and Jaime Woo, Gamercamp is now in its third year and appears to be hitting one heck of a stride. Here's the description from the official website:
Gamercamp celebrates the artistry, innovation, and power of play. Attendees experience three days of inspiring talks, panels, presentations, gameplay sessions, demos, films, game jamming, and arcades showcasing the depth and talent of the North American games community.
The festival kicks off on Friday, with a keynote by FoldIt lead designer Seth Cooper, a series of MakerU events, and an evening "casual gala" hosted by Electric Playground's Shaun Hatton. Saturday is an eclectic mix of talks, including a morning in-conversation panel that I will have the honour of participating in along with the wonderful Emilie McGinley (Bigpants and TOJam co-founder) and the fantastic Mare Sheppard (Metanet co-founder). Saturday's schedule also includes demos, pwnage breaks, rapid fire talks and fascinating-sounding presentations, a grilled cheese factory, film screenings, game tournaments and a live-action Mario Party style game called "Urban Road Trip". Sunday morning is all about cartoons, gaming and eating sugar (in cereal form), more presentations, game tournaments and film screenings. I think I'm missing a couple of pub outings in and amongst there, but you get the general idea. Mayhem, inspiring talks and designs, and plenty of opportunities to play and meet the people making some of the most interesting and creative games out there right now.

Included on Gamercamp's extremely impressive and exciting roster of speakers are number of my most genius pals and colleagues, including Jason Nolan (Ryerson/EDGE Lab), Emma Westecott (OCADU), David Fono (Atmosphere Industries), Melanie McBride (York-Ryerson/EDGE Lab), Kate Raynes-Goldie (Atmosphere Industries), Nick Pagee (TIFF Nexus), and fellow iSchooler Andy Keenan.

Tickets are still available for most of the events (I think! Some things may have already (or are about to) sold out, but as of Monday afternoon there are still festival and day passes left). The festival is spread across downtown Toronto (starting in the Annex and ending up at George Brown College), is very grassroots and social, and promises to be eight and a half tons of fun. Hope to see some of you there!

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