Saturday, April 28, 2012

This Week: Pathways to Privacy Research Symposium

©2012 Sara M. Grimes
As the semester is finally winding down, I'm heading to Ottawa this week to take part in the Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada (OPC)'s first Pathways to Privacy Research Symposium at the National Arts Centre (May 2, 2012). The theme is "Privacy for Everyone," and I'll be talking about some of the privacy issues/privacy policy implications I've encountered in my research on kids' online games and other digital communities. The symposium will bring together a small number of academics and key stakeholders from industry, government, advocacy groups and other NGOs, to discuss a variety of privacy issues focused on youth, addressing the needs of diverse populations, emerging technologies and practices, including those focused on identification and surveillance. This will be the first in a larger Pathways to Privacy series, which aims to fulfill a number of important objectives over the coming months, including (as reproduced from the OPC website):

  • To showcase privacy-related research funded by OPC’s Contributions Program and other funders.
  • To facilitate dialogue between the people who do the research and those who apply it.
  • To enhance the relevance of research results and enable uptake and application by relevant end-users.
  • To provide an opportunity for interdisciplinary capacity-building, partnership and networking among researchers.

I'm especially looking forward to hearing talks by Dr. Valerie Steeves (University of Ottawa), Dr. Ian Kerr (University of Ottawa), and famous privacy theorist Dr. David Lyon (Queen's University). I'm also beyond delighted to be speaking on a panel with 20 Awareness' Jane Talim (not to mention hearing more about the latest phase of their Young Canadians in a Wired World research), as well as finding out what John Lawford (legal counsel with the Public Interest Advocacy Centre) has to say about data-mining (and compiling) kids' info (at least, that what I'm guessing his talk is about based on the title).

For those of you planning to attend, I'll see you there next week!

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