Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Pink Aisle Politics (Prezi)

In follow up to last week's post re: INplay 2012, here's the prezi I used for my talk about the gender, toys and the LEGO Friends controversy:
I had a really great time at the conference, BTW - and met LOADS of very nice people working on really fascinating projects (those one-on-one match-up meetings were such a great idea). Looking forward to following up with them and seeing all the cool stuff set to come out over the next few months.


Matthew Johnson said...

Hi Sara,

Terrific presentation. One thing that wasn't included here (though perhaps you mentioned it in your live presentation)is that there Lego only needed to be "girlified" because it had _already_ been "boyified" with all of the specialized kits that have appeared since the 90s. Original Lego (if such a thing even exists today) is one of the most gender-neutral toys ever.

Sara M. Grimes said...

Thanks Matthew. I did indeed mention it, but should have highlighted it more clearly in the slides too :) An extremely crucial component of the gradual "gendering" of Lego, which as you mention, is/was the poster child for successful, awesome gender neutral toys.