Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Princess Darth Vader and Pink Politics Remixed

I've been seeing a lot of these types of images lately - pink-ified, princess-ified Darth Vader costumes, presumably made at the request of the little girls depicted wearing them (although its status as an emerging meme challenges the spontaneity factor quite a bit, no?). I'm not sure what to make of this...my first reaction was, of course, ZOMG How Amazingly Awesome!!!, but now I'm wondering where this comes from, how the idea is spreading and what interesting things it might result in. Thinking about this in relation to pink politics as well - and the use of pink for subversion and transgression, and not just for re-inscribing traditional pink/blue gender divides in kids' culture. Then again - it does that too.... Anyway - fascinating!

And, for the fairy fans out there, a Darth Vader lavender fairy:

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Anonymous said...

I saw this picture back in August and fell in love with the idea. I dressed up as Pink Vader for Halloween last night!