Friday, April 19, 2013

Join the iSchool - New Concentration in Culture & Tech (Master's level) launching Fall 2013, still accepting applications!

For those of you who haven't heard, we've added a new concentration option to the Master's of Information program at the Faculty of Information, University of Toronto, in Culture & Technology, launching in Fall 2013. We welcome applications from students with interests in exploring the intersections of society, culture and technologies, from digital game studies and media studies, to cyborgs and biotech. Here's a brief description, full details available on the website:
The new Culture & Technology (C&T) concentration, effective September 2013, brings technical, philosophical, and critical perspectives to bear on these social issues. It recognizes the demand for specialists who can identify, interpret, explain, and shape the socio-cultural impact of technologies at the micro and macro levels. Employers increasingly appreciate the importance of understanding such developments. Graduates of the C & T concentration will be ideally equipped to provide access to these forms of knowledge and understanding. The C&T concentration is designed to allow students to examine how society, culture, and understanding of the human condition influence, and are influenced by, technological development. It will provide students with the resources needed to understand, integrate, assess, and deploy multi-methodological arguments, in order to develop powerful, balanced, and integrated positions. Affiliated with the McLuhan Program in Culture & Technology (a program of the Coach House Institute), one of the aims of the concentration is to renew Coach House's role as a space where searching minds and intense visionaries can be enlisted, giving such students a place where they may focus on socio-technical issues related to computing, information systems and services, media, and the Internet, in order to (re)think the digitally-mediated world.
If you'd like more info, you can email me directly, and/or contact anyone in the Admissions office. The deadline for applications is June 15th (with documents due July 2), and we accept on a rolling basis!

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