Sunday, July 06, 2014

Summer Hiatus? Not Quite...

Just a quick update to note that while I haven't had much time to update Gamine Expedition this summer, it's not from a lack of research activity or dearth of interesting kids' digital media-related things going on. My research team and I have actually been hard at work getting as much data collected and as many findings written up as possible before Fall 2014 (when I go on hiatus for real for several months on maternity leave). No need to wait for updates on all of that activity here, however. You can already find news about our research and related stories on my project-specific research blogs, regularly updated courtesy of my diligent and hard-working research assistants.

For news on (and relating to) the Kids DIY Media Partnership, click here!

For news on (and relating to) the Playing at Making project, click here!

For news on my Adaptive Gaming & Inclusive Play project, click here!

 I'll do my best to start updating Gamine Expedition again soon - but with all the projects, data collection and writing assignments I've got going on right now, it's been extra tough to juggle and give adequate attention to all three of my beloved sites.

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