Thursday, February 15, 2007

Global Internet Penetration 2006 has published the most recent statistics on Internet penetration by population (in both millions and %) for a number of countries around the world. While the US still represents the world's largest Internet market (181.9 million), the article predicts that China is likely to "take the lead" within the next couple of years. The world's largest country currently holds the world's second largest market, with 133.5 million online, but at a mere 10.2% penetration rate (compared to the US at 63.6%) China still has a lot of room to grow as Internet access eventually expands into the bulk of its population. Canada continues to rank among the "most connected" countries in the world with a 63.4% penetration rate, just behind the US, Australia (64.5%) and Japan (68.4%). These statistics seem a little low to me (esp. for Canada), so proceed with caution when using them.

There are currently over 1 billion Internet users worldwide, representing 16.6% of the global population.

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