Tuesday, February 27, 2007

New Articles in The Escapist...& Feminist Media Studies

The new issue of The Escapist is out today, featuring a selection of "editor's picks" (articles that didn't play well with the other issues) including an article written by me (yay!) about the topic of my MA research, datamining in kids' advergames. This article is the culmination of quite a bit of hard work - I contacted the magazine's editors last spring to see if they'd be interested in publishing me (and sort of kept pestering them until they agreed), while the article itself is quite a divergence from the style and voice that you become used to as an academic. It was a long road, but one that I'm immensely happy and proud to have taken, as this represents my first professional publication outside of academia. A big thanks to Russ Pitts and the editorial team at The Escapist for giving me this unique opportunity.
Check it out yourself by clicking here.

In a second item of good news (shesh!), the online discussion on Digital Games and Gender I participated in last fall with Helen Kennedy and Mia Consalvo has been published as the "Commentary and Criticism" section of the latest issue of Feminist Media Studies journal. (Subscription is probably required to access the article online)

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csven said...

I very much enjoyed the Escapist article. I've given quite a bit of thought to data mining, but not from that perspective. Thanks.

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