Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Advergaming Defined

The Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) has just published the first in a series of papers that will review the current (and future) state of advergaming -- its platforms, demographics, player behaviours and best practices. In addition to summarizing the most recent data on advergaming and usage statistics (financial, PC/console ownership rates, etc.), this first paper also provides a detailed overview (and very useful categorization) of the various forms of advergaming currently in circulation, as follows:
Advergames: Custom-made games specifically designed around a product or service (e.g. Burger King - Sneak King);

Dynamic In-game: Advertising elements within a connected game itself, that can be dynamically changed depending on location, day of week and time of day (e.g. vending machine fronts, billboards and posters);

Inter-level Ads: Display or digital video ads shown during natural breaks in gameplay, such as between levels ("inter-level") or between rounds of play;

Game Skinning: Includes game sponsorship of display units around the game, and/or custom branding integration into the game;

Product Placement: Integrated brand messaging, sponsorship and/or products into a game (e.g. beverages, mobile phones and cars);

Sponsorships: Advertiser owns 100% share-of-voice in and around an existing game, such as sponsorship of a tournament, zone (level), or session of gameplay. Advertiser might also sponsor the release of new exclusive content associated with a game;

Static In-game: Advertising elements within a game that may not be changed. These may reside within game play itself or on menus, leader boards, etc. This type of ad format is also referred to as "Hard-Coded" advertising;

Post-Game: Ads shown following completion of the game;

Pre-Game: Display or digital video advertisements shown before gameplay begins as the game is loading.

Read the full report here.

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