Friday, March 14, 2008

Check Out: AdAge's Kids Upfront 2008

The current edition of Advertising Age Online includes a nice assortment of US kids' media and marketing related articles, compiled together in a special feature called Kids Up Front 2008. I highly recommend reading these before they pass into archive, at which point a subcription is required (though affordable on a pay-per basis). Not only does AdAge have access to information the public does not (they commission and conduct a lot of proprietary research that sometimes then becomes available for purchase at exorbitant industry prices, and other times remains within AdAge's privilege to report), and hence is an excellent resource for free and cutting edge insider information that is not always available elsewhere. And I must say that for an industry publication, they include a (pleasantly) surprising number of critical articles, lots of analysis, and generally try to achieve a level of reflexivity that is otherwise sorely lacking within ad/marketing industry discourses. Of particular interest are a series of articles penned by Andrew Hampp, including this one on the kids' $1 Billion television industry, one co-authored with Emily York describing a surprising increase in food advertising spending despite the ongoing child obesity controversy (and self-regulatory commitments of the US food and beverage industries), an overview of Nickelodeon and all the money it's making through online (adver)games, and an exploration of PBS Sprout's decision to target parents instead of kids. It also includes some handy stats supplied by ComScore Media Matrix:

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Shaping Youth said...

Agree with you, Sara, Ad Age can be reflective, and sometimes downright surprising!

For example, I just left a comment on the industry blog (Adrants) about a 180 degree turn around on the toxicity of ambient advertising billboards that objectify, praising them for seeing the 'elephant on the freeway' in terms of traffic/billboard toxicity.

This is the SAME guy that I'd gone to the mat with over his sophomoric sexualized silliness in a blog duel
a year or two ago, and behold, he's now shifted his POV completely in this latest post. If imitation is the highest form of flattery I should be glowing, as he even stole my headline, analysis and commentary, tweaked & reworded it...And here's how hardcore I am 'for the cause' ---I didn't even care!

I enjoyed his riff even if it was a 'riff off' of my own words at Shaping Youth because it means industry is starting to LISTEN...and perhaps in fact really hear.

Could it be so?

p.s. If you ever need access to certain articles let me know and I'll snag 'em for you, inc. Madison & Vine, as I subscribe to all, obviously. In fact, I just received a pdf of the mobile upfront from the U.K. in pdf for the upcoming May conference, so will share findings w/you in Boston. See you soon, Amy