Friday, February 13, 2009

"OMG You Guys Let Me On": Kids vs. COPPA

Via yesterday's YPulse Essentials, a link to COPPA Kids, a site that archives quotes and messages from kids that have been age blocked from sites as a result of COPPA (I suppose the sites are either unable or unwilling to become COPPA compliant, since the Act is about the collection of personal information, not about whether the contents of the site are appropriate for children). Some are hilarious:
"Dear [COMPANY] Feedback,
It says that I am under 12 when I am not. I am 13, but please don’t tell anyone that. I hope all this feedback is kept private. Please let me become a part of [COMPANY], I really want to! =]"

"This thing says I am 12 and under. I am 13. Trust me I am not 12. I would never say that I am. THank u for letting me tell u this horrbile story."

"help im 13 and i axadently put me as 12 lol and im locked out opps sorry can i regester im POKEMON MASTER"

Others reveal some pretty interesting things about how kids feel about and make sense of age restrictions:
"i am 12 but i am a girl and i am responsobal and i will not say any thing bad or innaproprait"

"I dont think you shoud not let someone not be able to register because of their age.Its not our fault we are not 13 yet.I just dont think thats fair.How would you feel if you had to be kept out of the fun because of your age."

"im 14
i put in 2000 as my date of birth!
i just dont want people to know when im born!
datz all!
nufin personal!"

Read more over at COPPA Kids.

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