Monday, June 08, 2009

Awesome Resource Alert: Open Thinking's massive list of online media/tech literacy vids

Wowza - talk about a treasure trove of valuable resources. Open Thinking is the personal and professional blog of Canadian academic Dr. Alec Couros, who is a professor of educational technology and media with the Faculty of Education at the University of Regina. The site is a self-described "growing collection of personal reflections and resources" touching upon various issues relating to media and tech literacy, from democratic media to pedagogical tools, to critical media literacy and questions of citizenship and social justice. In addition to many incredibly useful posts and discussions of these (and other) topics, Couros has now posted an extensive listing of 80+ online videos relevant to teaching, researching and presenting on media and tech literacy....thematically organized, with summaries (!!!), and as far as I can see all up-to-date and active. Some of these have made the rounds, some are taken from traditional media channels, some are user-generated, all are worth a gander.

Here's the link - enjoy!


Alec Couros said...

Happy that you have found these resources useful! Thanks for the linkback. All the best to you.

mark said...

nice find!