Thursday, June 04, 2009

Opportunity for BC Academics (grad students and faculty)

In my search for funding and something to do now that the end of my thesis writing is finally in sight (well, in "end of summer" sight, but still!), I'm starting to think about new and different ways I might be able to apply my research and expertise. Our new grad chair recently mentioned the following, very interesting opportunity for collaboration with local companies called the MITACS ACCELERATE BC program, which brings together BC companies and academics on research projects of mutual interest. Here are the details:
The MITACS ACCELERATE BC program is currently accepting proposals from professors and graduate students/postdocs in any faculty or department for research projects conducted in collaboration with BC companies. This innovative internship program funds 4-, 8-, or 12-month research projects.

MITACS ACCELERATE is open to all university faculties and departments that train graduate students including Arts, Engineering, Humanities, Physical Sciences, Applied Sciences, Social Sciences and many more.

The MITACS ACCELERATE benefits for professors and grad students/postdocs:

* Provides an opportunity to apply expertise to challenging industrial issues
* Leverages your existing funding from industry
* Provides funding of a grad student/post-doc
* Provides a valuable career opportunity for grad students and postdocs
* Application process has limited paperwork; quick turnaround. Proposals are accepted at any time
* Foreign grad students and postdocs can participate
* Can help you to attract grad students and postdocs

The intern, under the supervision of a faculty member, spends approximately half of his/her time over a minimum four-month period onsite with an eligible BC partner (a company, industry association, not-for-profit or crown corporation) or in the field, developing a better understanding of a jointly-identified research problem of importance to the company. The balance of the intern’s time is spent at the university with a professor, developing a solution to the organization’s s challenge.

The company’s contribution of $7.5K per four-month internship unit is matched by MITACS, with funding support from the Government of BC and the Government of Canada. The intern receives a minimum of $10K of the $15K in funding, with the remaining $5K supporting other costs associated with the project.

Although internship proposals are accepted at any time, it is strongly recommended that for internships intended to commence Sep 1, 2009, proposals be received by MITACS by July 15, 2009. This will allow adequate time for peer-review and transfer of funds to the university. The MITACS business development team will assist you with the application process.

For more information, email

There are a limited number of internships available with non-company organizations (including hospitals, government labs and agencies and not-for-profit societies), and with partners in other provinces. Please speak to a BC business development representative for more information before submitting a proposal.

For more information about the program (including past examples of funded internships) visit the MITACS ACCELERATE website.

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