Sunday, September 07, 2014

Game Curious? The Hand Eye Society + Toronto Reference Library Has Just the Program for You!

Mostly Cut+Paste from the original announcement: This September, the second run of GAME CURIOUS will take place at the Toronto Reference Library, featuring another lively mix of presentation, group discussion, socializing and of course PLAY! 

While the program is open to just about anyone, it is especially aimed at self-described non-gamers or people who want to learn more about the medium but aren't sure where to start. There will also be a 6-week game-making component for select participants following the main program. Here are the details:

Saturdays 1-3 PM
Sept 13 - Oct 18 2014 (6 weeks)
Toronto Reference Library
(Browsery, Main Floor)
789 Yonge St. (Bloor-Yonge subway station)
Recommended for ages 16+
FREE! Drop-ins welcome.
GAME CURIOUS is a 6-week program exploring the untapped art of video games, for people who don’t necessarily identify as “gamers”. It’s a no-pressure learning environment of discussion, discovery and play, with the opportunity to connect with local storytellers who love the medium. While the direction of the program will be participant-driven, games to be played and discussed will include everything from classics such as Mario and Zelda, to independent games about relationships, queer identity, political satire, work, life, and more. The program also aims to promote diversity within gaming culture by encouraging participants from a variety of backgrounds to engage with games in a way that is personally relevant to their own lives. All are welcome to apply, whether you’re an artist, an activist, a parent, or haven’t picked up a controller in years. It’s like a book club… with buttons

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