Tuesday, May 29, 2007

New Article by Leslie Regan Shade

My longtime mentor and past collaborator Leslie Regan Shade has just published a new article on mobile phones and gender called "Feminizing the Mobile: Gender Scripting of Mobiles in North America. Part of a special issue of Continuum: Journal of Media & Cultural Studies (vol.21, no.2) on Mobile Phone Cultures, edited by Gerard Goggin, the article includes an analysis of the tween-oriented Bratz Mobile Cell Phone. Here's the abstract:
This paper discusses the gendering of the design and marketing of mobile phones, using the concept of the gender script (Rommes, 2002; van Oost, 2003. It first provides a brief overview of recent international scholarship exploring gendered uses and development of mobiles. The next section explicates the gender script and examines some print ads for mobile phones appearing in North American women’s and teen magazines. How can we go beyond gender scripts that essentialize women and their uses of mobiles? The paper concludes with reflections towards this end.

Some other noteworthy articles in the issue include one on "third screen" media convergence, "Mobiles into Media: Premium Rate SMS and the Adaptation of Television to Interactive Communication Cultures" by Christina Spurgeon and Gerard Goggin (whose excellent book Mobile Phone Culture I just finished reading yesterday), and an examination of mobile phone advertising, "The Construction of the Mobile Experience: the Role of Advertising Campaigns in the Appropriation of Mobile Phone Technologies" by Juan Miguel Aguado and Inmaculada J. Martínez.

Shade's article and the special issue in general have appeared at a most opportune time for me, as I am currently working on revising a paper on kids' mobile phones (originally written for Richard Smith's cmns 815 course last year, and now in submission). I'm really looking forward to reading it and seeing how Shade has applied her unique insight and approach to new media research to mobile phones. Yay!

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