Friday, April 18, 2008

112 virtual worlds for kids

Via Gary Rusak over at KidScreen, some mind-blowing new findings about the current (and ongoing) explosion in child-oriented virtual worlds, courtesy of a new study published by Virtual Worlds Management. As Rusak writes,
The company has just released findings from a 12-month study dubbed Virtual Worlds Management's Youth World Analysis. The study in-full provides details on more than 100 worlds, of which 60 are currently live, with 52 in the conception, development or testing phases.

The general teen category (eight to 12 years old) dominates the category, with 65 worlds live or in development, followed closely by kids (seven and under) with 55 worlds live or in development.

Furthermore, the final count may actually be much higher, as the company grouped worlds owned by one company (such as Disney or Viacom) into a "single entity"...thinking about Viacom alone -- which owns Neopets, Nicktropolis, all the MTV sites, all the upcoming Nickelodeon sites -- 112 is sounding like a pretty conservative estimate. Wow!

For the full list of virtual worlds for kids (and what a list it is!), check out the press release here.

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