Friday, April 11, 2008

NPD's New Gamer Stats

From Gamasutra, some coverage of NPD's newest report on gaming and gamers which (among other things) was the source of a much publicized stat that circulated the press earlier this month claiming that 72% of Americans play digital games. That's a lot of Srabulous! In all seriousness, though, the stat does refer to the number of Americans who report playing "online games", which does include a pretty large diversity of game forms, from World of Warcraft to BarbieGirls to Scrabulous and other mini-games. Even so, the report also shows that offline gaming is still more popular than online gaming, and that only a very small percentage of the population (2-3%) own multiple gaming consoles. Here's an excerpt from the Gamasutra article:
90 percent of online gamers said the PC was their platform of choice, compared to 19 percent for console and portable systems, and 3 percent for cell phones. Younger players make up a good percentage of online players, with 40 percent of online gamers between 2 and 17, with 18-24 year olds only making up 10 percent.

As for online console players, 50 percent were Xbox 360 gamers, who spent the most time per week playing online compared to PC and PS3 owners. Finally, NPD says only three percent of respondents said they owned two of the three next-gen consoles, and only 2 percent said they owned all three.

I'm particularly interested in the large percentage of kids and teens who play online games...but really wish that they would separate the stats for kids, on the one hand, and teens, on the other. Still, as with all the NPD reports, these findings are good stuff to know, and a nice antidote to all the "hype" about wireless and next-gen platforms.

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Izzy Neis said...

Oh, tell me about it Sara... it would be so nice to see stats that break up into the appropriate demos-- especially since the rules change for the u13 and over 13s....

Hope all is well :)