Friday, April 11, 2008

Tinker Bell Hits the Small Screen

Via Cynopsis Kids! April 10th edition, more Pixie Hollow/Tinkerbell news, this time around Disney's cross-media plans for the burgeoning brand. As part of Disney/Pixar's recent announcement that it will be releasing 10 new animated feature films between now and 2012, the company unveiled plans for four direct-to-DVD films (to be produced by the DisneyToon Studios division) based on the Disney Fairies franchise:

- Tinker Bell (direct-to-DVD on October 28)
- Tinker Bell North of Never Land (working title) (on DVD sometime in 2009)
- Tinker Bell a Midsummer Storm (working title) (on DVD sometime in 2010)
- Tinker Bell A Winter Story (working title) (on DVD sometime in 2011)

So, one a year for the next four years. Wow. Seeing that Disney is already raking in $800 million / year from the Fairies franchise -- based almost solely on what branding it's been able to generate through a website and a book series -- this sounds like quite the potential cash cow for the kids' media giant. With a whole lot more transmedia integration (and promotion), brand expansion, and commercialization of little girls' culture through the endless licensing and spin-offs to come, as Disney attempts to reproduce the enormous success of its Disney Princesses strategy of a few years ago. Speaking of which, here are some oldies but goodies that might help to understand what's going on here:

- What's Wrong With Cinderella? by Peggy Orenstein

- Disney Reaches into the Crib to Extend Princess Magic by Melissa Marr

- Fairies to Capture Princess Magic by Jill Goldsmith

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