Thursday, June 12, 2008

Licensing Matters: From Toys to Shoes

Reporting this week from one of the US' biggest media (children's!) industries trade show, The Licensing Show in NYC, Kidscreen's Gary Rusak provided some great new stats yesterday courtesy of the NPD Group, all on the theme of licensing and kids properties. In addition to revealing a number of 'top ten' and 'top five' best-selling properties lists in a variety of categories (a couple of which I have reproduced below), the NPD Group offered up some pretty interesting tidbits about licensing, including that the "average retail price of a licensed toy is 48% higher than that of a non-licensed toy (US$10.25 v. US$6.92)". They also indicated that while "licensed toys comprise 27% of total toy industry dollar sales", licensing is also more important in some "super categories" (action figures, other toys) than others (vehicles, building sets). You can read Rusak's article for the stats on children's apparel and footwear, but here are his lists for top-selling licensed videogames and toys (by property) for April 2007 and April 2008:

Top Ten Video Game Licenses

1. Lego Star Wars
2. Madden Football
3. Mario Brothers
4. NCAA Football
5. Pokemon
6. Spider-Man
7. Tiger Woods
8. Tom Clancy
9. Transformers
10. World Wrestling Entertainment

Top 10 Toy Licenses

1. Barbie [!!!]
2. Cars the Movie
3. Disney All Other
4. Disney Princess
5. Dora the Explorer
6. Hannah Montana
7. Sesame Street
8. Spider-Man
9. Star Wars
10. Thomas & Friends

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