Thursday, June 26, 2008

New Report: Kids and Consumer Electronics IV

The NPD Group has just released their newest study of kids' media and ICT use, Kids and Consumer Electronics IV. Among the findings released to the public (via press release), lots of useful stats about kids aged 4-14 yrs use of different media forms. Here's a summary:

Bedroom culture
- 75% of children say they use a computer;
- 14% own their own laptop or PC;
- Only 70% say they use a television.

- Ownership rates of portable digital music players (PDMP) have increased the most over any other consumer electronic among this age group in the past 3 years, increasing from 4% to 28%;
- 88% of kids who use a PDMP use them primarily to play music;
- 30% use them to watch video content.

Mobile phones
- 20% of kids aged 4 to 14 yrs own a cell phone;
- 13% of kids aged 4-5 yrs use a cell phone;
- Communications is the most important driver for cell phone use, but they also use them for taking and sending pictures, as well as playing games.

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