Monday, October 16, 2006


Finally, some irrefutable proof that market researchers are pillaging kids' blogs for valuable (i.e. consumer-relevant), yet non-personally identifiable, info!! This company doesn't seem TOO prominent, but it does offer insight into the marketer relationships that I suspect are going on behind the scenes of many commercially-run sites for kids. The site offers a service - in this case a type of kiddie consierge, with travel tips and related news/info for young girls and their parents who are visiting a new city - to attract users to its site. It also offers free blog space and forums, encouraging girls to build up their own travel profiles and share their thoughts, ideas, etc. The site claims to have access to 2 million such blogs - blogs that can then be data-mined for product-specific information (no doubt facilitated by strategically placed prompts), or general trend and opinion research. Their tagline is "Call4Ally is the only SAFE, 100% monitored blogging site for girls ages 9-15"...though I suppose this doesn't include commercial exploitation.

Check out their sales info here.

Or browse the site itself here.


Anonymous said...

every thing that review says is true call4ally is the safes website ever and all girls luv it.

Anonymous said...

C4ALLY is awesome but now it is allykatzz and it sucks

Anonymous said...

i luvvv cuz its like the old call4ally b4 it changed and you can chat with other girls on im and stuff. so cool. all my friends our on it.

booooo call4ally

yay fashion fantasy game

ohhh and im and ohhh so chic girl on the game. the coolest one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!