Friday, October 13, 2006

Teen puts sibs through college playing MMOGs

There's a short but cute news piece on a teen in Colorado who, along with his mom, has made $35K playing a MMOG called Entropia Universe (formerly Project Entropia), which you can read here. From the article:
Mike Everest, a home-schooled high school senior from Durango, Colo., has put two of his siblings through college by selling virtual goods for real dollars on Entropia. And he's not the only one involved. His mother also plays the game. Along with his mother, Everest, better-known within the virtual game as Ogulak Da Basher on the planet Calypso, has raked in more than $35,000. Of that profit, $12,000 will be used to help his two siblings attend college.

What is unique about this game is that it works on a "Real Cash Economy," and items are bought and sold regularly for real money - unlike other games that restrict or try to control real life exchange, which they see as a threat to corporate intellectual property (IP) claims over in-game items and content. According to Wikipedia, $160 million USD was exchanged through Entropia last year. I'll have to read the EULA to find out where the company stands on IP...

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Anonymous said...

interesting way to earn some bucks, while doing some mother/son bonding! of course, the mother would have to actually play video games, right?