Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Mr. Meaty

Canadian children's media production company, The Grogs, lands huge deal with Nickelodeon using the web and the public broadcasting system! Mr. Meaty is set to become the "new" "new" thing, apparently, with the games, podcasts and a bunch of other cross-media tie-ins to prove it. From Kidscreen magazine:
Not only does the company have Mr. Meaty set to debut on Nickelodeon in the U.S. this month, the tween-skewing puppet show is a linchpin in the broadcast giant's aggressive multi-platform strategy, currently airing on broadband site Turbonick and via podcasts powered by iTunes.
While the series is aimed at the eight to 14 set (not your typical puppet fans), its arch take on the experiences of two buddies as they work at a somewhat unusual fastfood restaurant in a suburban mall should resonate with the group. Episodes involve monsters, vampires, frequent trouble with the deep fryer and run-ins with the oppressive owner of the company.

See where it all began on the CBC website.

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Hannah said...

Mr.Meaty sucked.Nobody eer watched it so it got canceled,because it had no point.