Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Feminist Media Studies

Next week, I'll be participating in an online discussion on games and gender, that will later be edited and published in the Commentary and Criticism section of the international journal, Feminist Media Studies. A small number of female games researchers were initially invited (including my colleague Flo Chee), and four of us will be participating: myself, Helen Kennedy, Mia Consalvo and Marinka Copier. The main topic is an upcoming article by Valerie Walkerdine on girls and gaming, and we're each providing a list of issues, points and arguments we'd like to explore in our discussion. So far, the list is quite challenging, but also extremely timely and relevant to the current debates going on in games research (as well as my own intellectual struggles with some these concepts), so I'm pretty excited about the opportunity to contribute. I'll post a link to whatever the public/published outcome of the discussion is once it becomes available.

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gwappa said...

very cool....can anyone listen in?