Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Publish or Perish!

*****Update: IJIRE links repaired*****

A bit of shameless self-promotion today, I'm afraid. I am very pleased to announce the publication of two new articles drawn from my ongoing work on kids' online culture. The first appears in the inaugural issue of the International Journal of Internet Research Ethics, which was launched just last week. The issue includes an article by Gove Allen, Dan Burk and Charles Ess (on the ethics of robotic data gathering), an examination of emerging legal issues in the collection/use of internet-sourced research data (by Tomas Lipinski) and an interview with Annette Markham. My own article, Researching the Researchers: Market Researchers, Child Subjects and the Problem of "Informed" Consent - which I workshoped at last year's Trials and Tribulations conference, looks at some of the ethical dilemmas I've encountered in my own research, and how the disconnect between academic and industry standards can lead to problems in conducting research in commercial online spaces.

My other new publication appears in the most recent issue (no.12) of the International Journal of Communications Law & Policy, a special issue that is linked somewhat to a panel on legal issues that took place at the 2006 AoIR. Highlights include Ian Gillies' exploration of Virtual World legalities, and Gerard Goggin's article on mobile content regulation in the converging media environment. My contribution to the issue, entitled Kids' Ad Play: Regulating Children's Advergames in the Converging Media Context, looks at possible entry points within existing Canadian and US media law and policy that could be mobilized to better regulate marketing to children online. The article originated as a course paper for Jon Festinger's Video Game Law course at the University of British Columbia, and my thanks again to Jon for his valuable guidance on this projet.


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