Friday, January 18, 2008

Bratz and Commodity Flow

****Originally drafted Jan. 8th****

In follow-up to his excellent piece on commodity flow in children's television (written with Giglio and a copy of which you can access here), Matthew P. McAllister has now published an article on Bratz, which appears in the most recent issue of the Journal of Children and Media (subscription required). I saw McAllister speak this fall on ironic product placement in TV comedies, where the product placement itself becomes the target of commentary and humor, but of course advertises the product nonetheless (at least in most cases...he showed an episode of the Sarah Silverman Program as a counter example). His previous article (with Giglio) on commodity flow is a must-read for anyone interested in the commercialiazation of kids' TV (and Saturday Morning Cartoons in particular). His approach expands upon Raymond Williams' concept of flow, combining content analysis with a critical analysis of programming schedules, cross-channel coordination, and cross-media integration. Highly recommended.

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