Sunday, September 24, 2006

Comp Trading Cards

I'm currently in the process of defining my comp areas and accompanying reading lists, and as a result have been thinking a lot about different ways I might visually map out or organize the various theories and theorists I'll be reviewing over the coming months. I've considered diagrams and timelines - visual aids always really help me to work out theories and major debates - and today remembered a website I came across as an undergrad that might provide a fun and useful template for working through at least one of my areas. The site is David Gauntlett's Trading Cards, which provides a hilarious but potentially quite helpful way to keep track of your media theorists. I think this particular set was designed with 1st-year communication or media studies undergrads in mind, but I'm tempted to try it out on "social construction of technology theorists" or "play theorists", and make cards for whatever theorists fall into my comp areas. I could further colour code them according to field, school of thought, time period, theoretical position, whether I agree with their theory or not....hmmmm.

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