Tuesday, September 12, 2006


Ok - I am so slow on the punch with this one, but it's still worth mentioning even if it DID make the media/web rounds LAST week. The subject involves the LonelyGirl15 series of video blogs on YouTube and the surrounding fan frenzy that arose in an attempt to solve the mystery of the origins and motives of its creators (which seemed suspicious from the outset). A number of amateur detectives tracked the site creators and linked it back to a talent agency in California. It now seems that the posts were either all part of an elaborate marketing campaign, or else an experimental art project, though if it's the former the product being advertised (a new movie? a new brand of pink boas and hand puppets?) has not yet revealed itself. What interests me the most about this story is how it was brought to my attention by such a wide variety of sources, all within a few hours of one another (one of which was a youth trend/marketing blog newsletter). Here's some coverage of the story:
Boing Boing, LA Times, New York Magazine, Wikipedia, Apophenia Blog
And here's a link to the lonelygirl15 posts on YouTube

Update: Looks like it's an ad afterall :(

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Anonymous said...

youtube is getting filled with marketing shit....the idea of a free gateway to videos has become another advertisement opportunity. I myself am quickly losing interest in this website because of this. the way to avoid is to be very specific if you are looking for a particular item or research topic, but even then, unscrupulous ad men work around that....ah, the world wide web of deceit and trickery...