Saturday, September 23, 2006

Fairies - The new "big thing"

About a year ago KidScreen Magazine predicted a big boom in "fairies" within girls' commercial culture. With the rise in popularity of Winx Club, and Barbie Fairytopia, it was just a matter of time before Disney got on board and really turned out a fad. Afterall, Disney owns the most famous fairy of all, Tinkerbell. After an initial foray into the market with a successful line of kids' books (think "Harry Potter" strategy) - designed to introduce the new line of branded fairy characters, er, I mean, Tinkerbell's "friends" - it looks as though Disney is set to replace it's successful "Princesses" brand with a fresh multimedia merchandising bonanza staring the Disney Fairies. They have of course already built an online branded environment/advergame called Pixie Hollow, that looks like a bit of a rip-off of Barbie's, where kids can interact with the brand, get to know the characters, and register to become the unknowing subjects of market research and data-mining. On the bright side, however, I've found a new case study for my ongoing research on children's advergames.

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