Friday, September 01, 2006

Trials & Tribulations Conference: Update

I will be presenting a paper on my misadventures in securing ethical clearance for my Master's research on online kids games at an upcoming conference in Montreal. From the conference website:

Trials and tribulations: negotiating research methods in cyberspace is a two-day, single stream, interdisciplinary symposium. We aim to raise questions and inspire debate in order to broaden awareness of the various methodologies employed in researching digital spaces across disciplines. In order to facilitate dialogue, there are a limited number of presentation spaces available.

The goal of the symposium is to encourage informal discussion, amongst both presenters and attendees regarding the challenges and solutions present in research surrounding digital culture. By opening the floor to both works in progress and completed papers, we hope to encourage an environment of collaboration.

They've now posted a preliminary program, and it looks like a stellar line up, with quite a strong emphasis on both digital games AND kids/youth online (which just so happen to be my main areas of research, and I therefore couldn't be more pleased).

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